What is Gogo Text & Talk, and how can I use it?

Gogo Text & Talk is a service provided to our business aviation customers in Gogo-equipped aircraft. The app enables the use of your own smartphone to make phone calls and send texts from 10,000 feet and above. It does not connect your device to the internet.

How does Gogo Text & Talk work?

Gogo-equipped aircraft connect customer devices to an on-ground cellular network that sends its signal up into the sky, instead of toward the ground, like most cellular service towers. If you're flying over an ocean, we use satellites to provide our customers with the most continuous, clear service possible.

We've made it possible for you to join our in-air network with your own phone so that when you are in the air you can call or send SMS messages to people on the ground. Your activity in the air – minute or number of text messages – is simply charged to your ground-service provider, just like it would be on the ground.

What is the advantage of Gogo Text & Talk vs. Wifi calling?

Text & Talk guarantees a better call quality through dedicated bandwidth to the ground. Call quality via Wifi calling will depend on how much traffic is on the network.

I have completed the setup process and opened the app on my phone, but I can't make calls or send texts.

Be sure that both Airplane Mode and Wi-Fi are set to On and that you are within the app attempting to make calls or send text messages.

Check to be sure that "Network Unavailable" or "Service Unavailable" are not displaying at the top of your screen.

I have not completed the setup process and opened the app on my phone, and I can't make calls or send texts.

Gogo Text & Talk has, in essence, created a telephone service much like AT&T's, except that it works in Gogo-equipped business aviation aircraft at over 10,000 feet. For the service to work we have to connect you to the part of our network that is on the ground so that you can securely register your phone. Without that connection, our network will not recognize your phone as an authorized device and you cannot use the service.

I am getting a Network Unavailable message.

If the Network Unavailable message is displaying, your device is working correctly but you are out of range of a network connection at the moment. These outages are usually due to network drops much like the ones you experience on the ground. If the network continually drops during your flight to the extent that you cannot use the app at all, please call Customer Care at +1 303-301-3278 about the issue once you are on the ground.

I am getting a Service Unavailable message.

If the Service Unavailable message is displaying, something has gone wrong with the equipment on the plane or the account with Gogo has an issue. Please call Customer Care at +1 303-301-3278 once you land to either have the aircraft's equipment serviced or your account brought up to date.

Why can I only make outbound voice calls with the Gogo Talk & Text application?

To enable full Gogo Talk & Text functionality, you must first complete the application's ground registration process on the ground before or after your flight. If this process fails, due to the fact that your cellular service provider is unsupported with the service, or that you are having connectivity issues, we offer you the ability to use this limited feature-set mode of the application. SMS messaging and inbound voice calls are not supported when the application is in this mode.

What is “Cabin Phone Mode”?

If your aircraft has supporting hardware, you can make outbound calls even when the aircraft is outside the Gogo Text & Talk service area. You will be notified when Cabin Phone Mode is activated. Outbound calls made in this mode will show a hardware-assigned caller ID vs. your own phone number. The app will monitor altitude and signal strength and switch you back to full Gogo Text & Talk mode when the aircraft is back within the service area.

Can I make calls over Iridium?

Yes, with a Gogo ST4300. Gogo Text & Talk now supports Iridium calling just like your cabin phones. When the Gogo Biz or SBB networks are not available, Gogo Text & Talk will automatically switch to the Iridium system to make (and receive) calls. You are not able to use your phone number however, callees will see the Iridium number in their call display.